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Oath of Hippocrates

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The Oath of Hippocrates

(text in the original language – in the Ionian dialect of ancient Greek)

(text translated into Latin)

1. Apollinem medicum et Aesculapium Hygeamque ac Panaceam iuro
deosque omnes itemque deas testes facio me hoc ius iurandum et
hanc contestationem pro viribus et iudicio meo integre servaturum esse:

2. Praeceptorem, qui me hanc edocuit artem, parentum loco
habiturum, vitam communicaturum eaque, quibus opus habuerit,
impertiturum; eos hanc item, qui ex eo nati sunt, pro fratribus masculis
iudicaturum artemque hanc, si discere voluerit, absque mercede et
pacto edocturum, praecep tio num ac auditionum reliquaeque totius
disciplinae participes facturum, tum
meos, immo disici , qui mihi scripto caverint et medico iure
iurando addicti fuerint, alium vero praeter hos nullum.

3. Ceterum quod ad aegros attinet sanandos, diaetam ipsis
constitutam pro facultate et iudicio meo commodam, omneque
detrimentum et iniuriam ab eis prohibebo.

4. Neque vero ullius preces apud me adeo validae erunt, ut cuipiam
venenum sim propinaturus neque etiam ad hanc rem consilium dabo.
Similiter autem neque mulieri talum vulvae subditicium ad
corrumpendum conceptum vel fetum dabo.

5. Porro caste and sancte vitam and artem meam conservabo.

6. Nec vero calculo laborantes secabo, sed viris chirurgiae operariis
eius rei faciendae locum dabo.
7. In quascumque autem domus ingrediar, ob utilitatem aegrotantium
intrabo, ab omnique iniuria voluntaria inferenda et corruptione cum
alia, tum praesertim operum veneriorum abstinebo, sive muliebria sive
virilia, liberorumve hominum aut servorum corint mihi
8. Quaecumque vero inter curandum videro aut audivero, immo etiam
ad medicandum non adhibitus in communi hominum vita cognovero,
ea, siquidem eff erre non contulerit, tacebo et tamquam arcana apud
me continebo.

9. Hoc igitur ius iurandum mihi integre servanti et non confundenti
contingat et vita et art feliciter frui et apud omnes homines in
perpetuum gloriam meam celebrari.

10. Authentic transgender and peyranti his contraria eveniant.

(The translation)

I swear by Apollo the Healer, Asclepius, Hygieia and Panacea, and
all the gods and goddesses, taking them as witnesses, to perform honestly,
according to my strength and my understanding, the
following oath and written commitment:

to consider the one who taught me the art of medicine equal to
my parents, to share my wealth with him and, if necessary, to
help him in his needs;

to consider his descendants as their brothers, and this art, if they want
to study it, to teach them free of charge and without any frightening agreement;

instructions, oral lessons and everything else in teaching to inform their sons, the
sons of their teacher and students that are bound by an obligation and oath
under medical law, but to no one else;

I direct the regime of the sick in their favor according to my strength and my understanding,
refraining from inflicting all kinds of harm and injustice;

I will not give anyone who will ask for a
deadly means and I will not show the way for such a plan;
likewise, I will not give any woman an abortion pessary;

I will live pure and blameless and apply my art;
under no circumstances will I perform an autopsy on those who suffer from heartburn,
entrusting it to people involved in this matter;

no matter what house I go to, I will go there for the benefit of the sick, without
any intentional, unjust and destructive intention, especially to
refrain from love affairs with women and men, free and slaves;

whatever in the treatment, and also without treatment, I have not seen or
heard about the lives of people from what does not need to be disclosed,
I will remain silent about it, considering such things a secret;

to me, to him who unswervingly fulfills this oath, may
happiness be given in life and in art and glory to all men forever;

with the violator of this oath and with the one who gives a false oath,
let the opposite happen.