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There’s magic in our energy, our spaces, our people and our discoveries.

Take advantage of many education programs.

There’s magic in our energy, our spaces, our people and our discoveries. There’s even magic in our motivation: our unblinking belief that we can eradicae childhood disease — so that one day, like magic, children will no longer need us.

Welcome to Bogomolets National Medical University

We are an academic community with students coming from all over the world. Our mission is of building a medical culture that respects the dignity of the patient without distinctions of borders, culture, wealth, origin. Here is what we offer in terms of culture, events, student agreements, opportunities for study, moments to get in touch with our university and our educational offer.

Benefits for students

Tickets for cultural events, season tickets for public transport and those in agreement with NMU to offer services at discounted prices.

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Learn English and Ukrainian

Preparatory course in Ukraine for international students, which is sometimes referred to as language preparatory course, is an academic period that precedes enrollment into the university main program.

During the preparatory program, an international student undergoes intensive learning process primarily geared towards mastering the local language as well as the fundamental subjects related to the course of future enrollment.

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A century of caring for students

Education Courses offered
NMU offers courses at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels in English, Russian and Ukrainian medium of instructions.

International Students are offered courses in 3 Faculties.

  • Faculty of General Medicine
  • Faculty of Stomatology
  • Faculty of Pharmacy

Admission Guide
Scientific activity of the university

Need advice?

We answer top questions from parents every month – so you can stay up-to-date on ways to get well, and stay well.

Ukraine is a beautiful country in the mainland Europe and by size the largest country in the continent Europe after Russia.

Kiev is the capital city of Ukraine and situated in the heart of the country.

Currency of Ukraine is Ukrainian Hryvannas (UAH) with 1 US$= 27.00 UAH 

Ukraine is probably one of the safest place in eastern Europe to study in. It has been the foremost choice of international students from all over Asia, Africa, Middle East, and the mainland Europe itself. With its female dominated demography and sex ratio of 1:8 it is probably the safest country to study in for both males as well as female candidates.

Ukraine is mostly a bilingual country with both Russian and Ukrainian as official languages of Ukraine. While most of the eastern part of country prefers Russian as their choice of language the western Ukrainians speak Ukrainian. However people understand both Russian and Ukrainian equally and in Kiev the majority of population speaks Russian and English also.

Average monthly living expenditure in Kiev shall be anything between 250-350 US$ per month. However it depends on choice of lifestyle of the student.

As of now Ukraine is a part of European neighborhood policy and sports visa free regimen for EU citizen.

Ukraine has a very good banking system, with currency exchangers very easily available. While international students can carry their living expenditure in form of cash, travellers cheque or in the form of a visa and debit cards, they can also open their accounts in banks available in the country and the parents can transact money directly from their home country to their ward’s bank account in Ukraine. Ukraine also has a lot of other money transfer options such as Western Union, Money gram, Coin Star etc. Most of supermarkets & stores accept both credit and debit cards.

O.O Bogomolets national medical university works with a network of trusted authorized representatives and in turn with their partners to organize the process of admission and visa for an international student. While the university recommends to directly contact one of our authorized representative in your country/ region, in case an authorized representative is not available in your region you can contact their partner companies to help you with the same. For details kindly check our Authorized representatives page.

The university in collaboration with its official representatives takes care of the airport pickup with a person at the airport to meet the students and help the students with on arrival formalities.

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