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Take advantage of the experiential-learning opportunities built into many programs.

Take advantage of the experiential-learning opportunities.

Duration: 6 Years

Faculty Of General Medicine

Faculty of General Medicine

The National Medical University offers courses at both Undergraduate and postgraduate levels in English, Russian and Ukrainian medium of instructions. Medical Colleges in Europe provides training to the students in a very healthy and efficient way. The University is one of the best institutes among the Medical Colleges in Europe and is one of the hubs for all students to Study Medicine in Ukraine. The general medicine program is of six years and its complete course has been divided into preclinical and clinical subjects which are inclusive of both theoretical and practical based training.

Faculty has many doctors and professors working to impart in depth knowledge to each and every student. Students from Asian, African and other European countries choose the faculty to Study Medicine in Ukraine.

  • Each subject is divided into various modules.
  • The main emphasis was on Lecture based learning and Practical based learning.
  • Safe and secured study environment in Ukraine
  • Special guidance and training given to weak students.

An excellent approach, and good course curriculum and use of advance technology in teaching makes the college one of the best preference for all foreigner students who were looking to Study Medicine in Europe. If someone plans to Study Medicine in Europe then Ukraine is the best option as it provides reliable and quality based education and the degrees are duly approved and regulated by Ministry of education and science, Ministry of health of Ukraine.

Providing Dental Degree Courses Which Is For 5 Years With Quality Education.

Duration: 5 Years

Course Offered- Bachelor Of Dental Sciences (BDS)

Faculty of Stomatology

The faculty of stomatology /Dentistry at National Medical University offers Undergraduate course which is for 5 years and is one of the Best Dentistry Universities in Europe, as per the survey analysis. The aim of faculty is to make the students aware of the present challenges in the medical back ground and prove their abilities and efforts to resolve that challenges. Hence a large number of students from across the globe came to Europe and wish to become a part of the Best Dentistry Universities.

  • The faculties are highly qualified and experienced.
  • The faculty provides methodological training which helps students to become the most knowledgeable doctors of stomatology.
  • The faculty collaborates with leading universities and institutions in the world and has been working on the harmonization of curricula in accordance with the Bologna Declaration.

The courses of Dental Universities in Ukraine provide subjects like –

  • Physiological sciences
  • Foundations of dental practice.
  • Dental Biochemistry
  • Oral Anatomy and Histology.
  • Topics in clinical Dentistry
  • Dentistry
  • Advanced topics in clinical Dentistry
  • Dental clinical practice
  • Medicine and surgery for Dental Practice
  • Dental public health etc

The Dental Universities in Ukraine is providing a degree that is recognized globally. The Best Universities for Dentistry always helps a student right from the very beginning to explore themselves in the medical profession. The medical degree colleges develop a desire for unremitting improvement and in turn motivate the students for providing top quality medical services with proper aids.

Faculty Providing Affordable Pharmacy Courses And Train Students In The Effective Use Of Medicinal Drugs

Duration: 5 Years

Course Offered - B.Pharm

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