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On September 16, in the premises of the National Museum of Medicine of Ukraine, an optional school-seminar on living physics and bioethics of the National Medical University named after O.O. Bogomoletsa summed up the results of the “Psychotherapy around us” competition.

About 70 works were selected to participate in the competition, which met the format and conditions of the competition. During its time, from June to August 2022, more than 5,000 views of the participants’ works were recorded on the YouTube page. The jury included students and teachers of NMU and invited specialists from other institutions. The competition was moderated by Anatoliy Yegorenkov, associate professor of the Department of Medical and Biological Physics and Informatics and head of the department.

Therefore, the members of the jury during online and offline voting determined the following winning works: (work “Nature heals” — 1st place) (work “Presence” – 1st place)

Viewers of the competition also took part in the remote selection of the winners of the “Leader of audience sympathy” nomination. According to the number of views and likes, the winners of the nomination were the following works: (work “Farm” — 1st place)

Each of the works submitted for participation in the competition is unique, brings joy and positivity to the audience. That is why it was extremely difficult for the jury members to determine the works of the winners. Individual members of the jury shared their impressions of the competition, talked about its content and results (

The organizers of the contest and members of the jury thanked all the authors of works and online viewers for their participation and creative support of this project. They expressed hope for the further participation of students and teachers of O.O. Bogomolets in other activities of the school-seminar on living physics and bioethics. Proposals for creative cooperation can be addressed to Viktoria Pashchenko, deputy head of the optional seminary school for life physics and bioethics, associate professor of the department of medical and biological physics and informatics.

Press center based on the materials of the school-seminar