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The testing center of the Ministry of Health expressed gratitude to the employees of the National Medical University

Reforming and improving the process of training medical interns made it necessary to significantly revise the paradigm of specialist formation at the postgraduate level. Intern training programs developed for 23 medical specialties and implemented in 2022 underwent a change. Accordingly, the ways of future certification of specialists under the new programs of the National Medical University named after O.O. Bogomolets Currently, the final test for medical interns is the Step 3 Licensing Integrated Examination.

On the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, working groups for the development of training programs for intern doctors were created, which included experienced teaching teams. NMU employees headed working groups that developed programs for 8 specialties. Next, the teams of the departments received the task of developing the structure of the integrated exam Step 3 according to the “Testing Center” standard, with further work on filling the state database of tests. Work in this direction continues.

But already today, the University received thanks for its active work in developing the content structure of the Step 3 licensing integrated exam for interns specializing in “Laboratory diagnostics, virology, microbiology”, “Epidemiology”, “Medical psychology”. As always, our employees demonstrated a high level of activity and professionalism.

DNP “Testing Center” would like to recognize university employees Larisa Natrus, Iryna Kolesnikova, Hennadiy Mohort, Oleg Chaban, Iryna Koval and thanks them for their professionalism and dedication.

The management of the Institute of Postgraduate Education expresses its gratitude and hopes that such cooperation will become a guarantee of achieving further goals in improving the quality of medical education and will have its continuation in future educational projects.

According to the materials of the Institute of Postgraduate Education