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On the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, December 6, a presentation of the book “24.02” took place in the reading room of the University Library. It was presented to the medical audience by the author himself, a young writer Andriy Meronyk. The very title of the literary work tells the reader about its topic – the war that Ukrainians are currently experiencing due to Russian aggression. The basis of the book was the events of the first 40 days, transmitted in the format of a diary. Through the images of young people who unexpectedly found themselves in the war zone, the writer shared his personal impressions and feelings.

Andrii Meronyk is a mathematician. He became famous as a writer a few years ago, when his first books went on sale. Among them “69 failed dates” a peculiar male view of mutual relations. It is clear that this book also interested the youth audience and was at the center of lively discussion.

In the process of communication, many questions arose for the author, in particular the traditional one – when can we expect a new book? To which the writer replied: “I don’t write fictional stories, but only about what I experienced and don’t want to lose. I hope that there will be new editions with new impressions.”

At the end of the meeting, the guest presented a selection of his books to Lyudmila Papusha, director of the NMU Library. From now on, those who are interested in Andrii Meronik’s work will be able to borrow works for reading from the library collection.

According to the information of the university library