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Tactical medicine classes were held in dormitory No. 7

On December 6, all residents of dormitory No. 7 held a class on tactical medicine “Providing first aid in civilian conditions”.

The classes were attended by both foreigners who study at the faculty of training foreign citizens, and domestic students of NMU who currently live in a dormitory. The desire of the students was to acquire practical knowledge, to learn about the latest means of protection and to share their knowledge.

The master class was conducted by Yehor Osadchikh, a 6th-year student of the Faculty of Medicine No. 2, who has practical experience in helping. He shared his knowledge with the audience. During the learning process, discussions arose, students shared their theoretical knowledge. Our foreign students were also not aloof, they asked questions and discussed interesting points.

The listeners of the master class focused their attention on the following questions: what kind of medical assistance should be provided to the victim, how to provide medical assistance to oneself. Learned how to recognize critical bleeding and how to help a person with such bleeding to save it. Attention was also paid to the rules of behavior during an air alert.

Faculty of training of foreign citizens