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At the Department of Pharmacology, headed by Professor GV Zaichenko, a year ago the grand opening of a new auditorium equipped on the basis of modern educational technologies took place. According to Anna Vladimirovna, here the walls “speak and teach”: special sliding panels acquaint with the classification, the main pharmacological effects, indications for the appointment of drugs, and interactive stands reflect the mechanisms of action of drugs. Students are especially impressed by the computer smart panel, which allows you to make a virtual trip to the clinic, including neurology and see patients with various diseases, assess their health before and after treatment, clearly see how the pharmacodynamics of drugs in the human body. , or to observe how drugs act on receptors and restore the balance of neurotransmitters.

Classes with students of the medical faculty № 2 were conducted by Professor GV Зайченко. Anna Vladimirovna noted that the new audience showed its effectiveness during the pandemic, when students have limited access to the clinic. In the classroom, you can simulate any clinical situation to master modern methods of pharmacotherapy. Future physicians not only observe and listen to the teacher, but also take an active part in the learning process. Thus, student Yaroslav Alyoshechkin with the help of a special simulator showed the mechanism of action of drugs in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

Today at the department students study in a mixed format. A schedule is prepared daily, which determines the form of study of each academic group. Students who have documents on vaccination or recovery attend classes. For example, students in the thirteenth group are all vaccinated as one, so they attend classes in full force. Professor of the Department NO Gorchakova noted that it is a pleasure to work in full audiences. This indicates that students prefer full-time study, it creates better opportunities for the study of biomedical disciplines, provides the appropriate quality of medical and pharmaceutical education.

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