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Students of the Medical Faculty No. 4 underwent “Basic Life Support” training

Young doctors created the “Be aware” team, which aims to spread theoretical and practical knowledge in the community in the provision of pre-medical care. November 10 at the National Medical University named after O.O. Bogomolets, three theoretical and practical trainings “Basic Life Support” were held for students of medical faculty No. 4 with the support of this project.

Such trainings are aimed at teaching how to act in critical situations that can happen to anyone: on the street, at home, in public places. What to do, for example, if a stranger has lost consciousness. After all, it is so important to know a clear algorithm of one’s own actions in order to save life. These trainings were conducted by Maksym Havrylenko, an instructor and student of the Faculty of Medicine No. 4.

About 60 students of medical faculty No. 4 practiced the ability to perform successful cardiopulmonary resuscitation; restoration of airway patency; the ability to provide the victim with a stable position; application of a CAT tourniquet and tamponade of wounds.

As noted in the student council of the medical faculty No. 4, such trainings with the support of the project “Be aware” from the public organization “Rotary Club “Kyiv-Stolytsia” will be held constantly so that as many students as possible can join and additionally practice important medical competencies.

According to the information of the Faculty of Medicine No. 4