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During the whole of July on the basis of the O.O. Bogomolets Dental Medical Center of NMU students of the Faculty of Dentistry were able to practice practical skills that are part of the objective standardized practical (clinical) exam (OSP(K)I), in accordance with the Order of the National Medical University No. 358 “On the practice of clinical competencies awarded at the OSP(K)I “Dentistry” .

Mastery of professional skills is one of the fundamental foundations of training a highly qualified dentist. However, long-term distance learning during the quarantine measures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and later – the military aggression of the Russian Federation against the Ukrainian people, significantly limited the opportunities to practice practical skills and gain experience in direct communication with patients. This was especially true of dental students, because the specialty of a dentist involves the perfect mastery of many practical manipulations, bringing them to automaticity, often with the use of complex medical equipment. That is why the University Administration provided an opportunity in the summer period to practice the clinical competencies presented at OSP(K)I “Dentistry”. This initiative was actively supported by both students and teachers of the faculty.

The internship schedule provided for the possibility of students working in all specialized departments of the faculty. Students honed their skills on simulated phantoms, but they were particularly interested in working with real patients, which was significantly limited by the distance learning format. At all departments, students had the opportunity to work with patients of various ages, assist doctors, teachers, and each other, conduct treatment and preventive measures. Basic skills in most departments were practiced on simulation phantoms. Under the guidance of teachers, students also worked on medical documentation, analyzed the results of additional research methods and had the opportunity to get answers to questions from each professional discipline.

During July, 74 students participated in practical work, taking advantage of the opportunity to practice skills at the departments, some of them attended classes more than once.

Undoubtedly, the valuable experience acquired by future dentists will be useful both in further education and in practical activities.

Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Dentistry