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NMU Rector Yuriy Kuchyn, First Vice-Rector Oleksandr Naumenko and Vice-Rector Serhiy Zemskov took part in a scientific and practical conference with international participation for the World Patient Safety Day. This year’s conference at the National Medical University named after O.O. Bogomoletsa was held on September 16 under the slogan “Medicine without harm”. The organizers of the conference were the Department of Hygiene and Ecology No. 2 of NMU, headed by Professor Oleksandr Yavorskyi, together with the Institute of Public Health named after O.M. Marzeeva.

WHO defines patient safety as the prevention and reduction of risk, error, and harm to patients in the process of providing medical care. The topic of safety of patients and doctors in the workplace is global, many countries include it in their national priorities. The most dangerous errors in diagnosis and prescription and use of medicines. In 80% of cases, the damage can be prevented. Costs associated with medication errors are estimated at billions of dollars per year. Pharmacists also play a significant role. Therefore, in 2022, the WHO has determined the theme “Medicines without harm” to mark the World Patient Safety Day.

“It is important that we not only raise the issue of patient safety, our University becomes a powerful platform for discussions of this global problem. The quality of medical care, innovation, patient and doctor safety, creation of a safe hospital environment in general are decisive aspects that, in fact, determine the level of health care in the state. According to various studies on the topic, we see disappointing data, so it is necessary to talk about it, to look for ways to minimize potential risks and harm that a patient can receive as a result of receiving medical care, and professional burnout of a doctor,” Yuriy Kuchyn said.

At the plenary session of the conference, leading experts in the field of hospital environment safety, in particular on issues related to the safe use of medicinal products, presented their expert reports.

Among the main program issues – the safe use of medicines – the cornerstone of the safety of the hospital environment; patient safety and quality of medical care; legal and ethical aspects of patient safety; occupational safety and hygiene in the medical field; safety problems in the hospital environment through the lens of safety culture, national and organizational culture; modern strategies and tools for achieving a safe hospital environment; the issue of the safety of the hospital environment and, in particular, the safety of patients and the safety of medical personnel in the system of continuous medical education.