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On the occasion of the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a training course on tactical medicine was held at the Faculty of Training of Doctors for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

In the conditions of a large-scale military invasion of the Russian Federation with massive missile and bomb attacks on the civil infrastructure of our country, the National Medical University named after O.O. Bogomoletsa continues the educational process for students and provides them with the opportunity to master practical skills, including tactical medicine. To the Armed Forces Day, the faculty of training doctors for the Armed Forces cil of Ukraine, together with the department of emergency medicine and tactical medicine, conducted the training “Tactical medicine” for students of the first, second and third years of the FPL of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. A total of 70 people attended the training.

The event was directly attended by the dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Professor Nataliya Kozak, the head of the Department of Emergency Medicine and Tactical Medicine, Professor Anatoly Hrynzovsky, employees of the Department of Emergency Medicine and Tactical Medicine, assistants Yuliya Boyko and Serhiy Martynenko, and a 3rd-year student of the faculty, a certified instructor “Tactical Medicine” by Nicoletta Dmytrulin. The instructors successfully practiced practical skills with students who actively participated and showed a high interest in acquiring knowledge and skills in providing first aid at all stages of medical evacuation.

At the training, the issues of quality and timeliness of providing first aid to the wounded on the battlefield were highlighted, the problems that may arise and the main reasons for the mortality of the wounded during hostilities were analyzed. The students learned the algorithm for providing first aid on the battlefield, and paid the greatest attention to all possible ways to stop bleeding, followed by practical training and consolidation of practical skills. At the end of the event, conclusions were made regarding improvement in further training with students of practicing first aid on the battlefield.

The Faculty of Training of Doctors for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which trains medical specialists under the program of reserve officers of the medical service for all power structures of our country using uniform approaches and taking into account the unprecedented experience of performing medical support tasks in combat conditions in the spring of 2022, launched a series of trainings on tactical of medicine for students of our University and will conduct them in the future.

According to the information of the FPL of the Armed Forces of Ukraine