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NMU students took part in a charity football tournament

The team of the National Medical University named after O.O. Bogomoletsa joined the USL SCC 4 charity football tournament. 8 university teams from the OSS of Kyiv took part in the competition. Our team was formed by students from different courses and faculties. And in addition to the noble mission – to raise funds for our military – the future doctors proved that they can not only study diligently, but also skillfully handle a soccer ball.

Our team was represented by Nazar Pyatenko (medical faculty #4, 6th year), Andriy Kuzmenko (medical and psychological faculty, 2nd year), Vladyslav Botsulyak (dental faculty, 2nd year), Ivan Melnyk (dental faculty, 2nd year) Oleksandr Kolomiets (medical faculty No. 3, 3rd year)

and team captain Bohdan Salo (Faculty of Dentistry, 2nd year). Also a wonderful team of cheerleaders from the OSS NMU named after O.O. Bogomolets lit a fire in the hearts of participants and fans.

The main purpose of the event was communication between students of various institutions of higher education in the capital, organization of student leisure and charity. NUBiP became the organizer of the tournament.

So, congratulations to the winning teams:

OSS NMU – 1st place

OSS NAU – 1st place

OSS KNUBA – 1st place

OSS KNU – 1st place

OSS NUBiP – 1st place

OSS MAUP – 1st place

OSS KNEU – 1st place

OSS NPU – 1st place

Given that the required amount was collected, all those who participated in the charity tournament are winners. After all, thanks to the Commonwealth of Student Self-Government of Kyiv, our defenders will receive heating systems (boilers), which are so necessary in the cold season.

According to the information of the Student Council of NMU named after O.O. Bogomolets