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Free medicines for people with diabetes

Timely diagnosis and control of diabetes can prevent the development of severe complications. People with diabetes should follow a healthy diet, maintain a healthy weight and be physically active. In addition, they need to take medicine even if they feel well.

People from risk groups or with diagnosed diabetes can receive free care under the medical guarantee program. The primary care physician, taking into account the patient’s health condition, risk factors and possible heredity, can prescribe an electronic referral to the patient for research or consultation with specialist doctors, for example, an endocrinologist.

The package of free services at the level of primary care aimed at prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diabetes includes:

  • measurement of blood sugar level;
  • regular measurement of blood pressure;
  • assessment of general cardiovascular risk according to the SCORE scale;
  • body mass index measurement;
  • total cholesterol analysis;
  • consultation on a healthy lifestyle;
  • referral to other analyzes and research by narrow specialists;
  • prescription of drugs from the “Affordable Medicines” program for type 2 diabetes;
  • prescribing insulin according to the treatment plan prescribed by the endocrinologist.

Since October 2021, insulin has been included in the drug reimbursement program. This has significantly increased access to treatment for patients with diabetes.

Included in the Register of drugs subject to reimbursement under the Medical Guarantee Program 72 insulin preparations, 45 of them are completely free of charge. These drugs are released almost 11 thousand pharmacies throughout the country. Patients can get their medicines at any of them, regardless of which medical institution and in which region they were prescribed. You can find out the addresses of pharmacies that dispense insulin by calling the contact center of the National Health Service of Ukraine (NHSHU): 16-77.

Since the beginning of 2022, almost 200,000 Ukrainians have received insulin. The cost of medicines is reimbursed by the National Health Service. From the beginning of 2022, for the released insulins of the NSZU paid out more than 1 billion 290 million UAH.

Issuance of insulin is maximally simplified during martial law. Patients with diabetes can get life-saving drugs by electronic or paper prescription. In case of interruptions with electricity or the Internet, the doctor will be able to write out a paper prescription, and the pharmacy will pay it off. If a patient needs to write a prescription according to an already established treatment plan, the doctor can do it remotely.

You can write a prescription:

  • endocrinologist – if we are talking about insulin
  • family doctor, therapist or pediatrician, with whom the patient has a declaration, based on the treatment plan drawn up by the endocrinologist.

According to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine