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On September 21, at the National Medical University named after O.O. Bogomolets, more than 500 correspondence students of the Faculty of Pharmacy took the unified state qualification exam stage 1, Step 1 “Pharmacy”.

In nine classrooms of the University’s morphological, sanitary-hygienic, dental and physico-chemical buildings, fourth-year students answered test questions from eight basic disciplines and professional English.

Observance of safety and all the requirements of the regulations of this important test was observed by the vice-rector for scientific, pedagogical and educational work, Professor Oleg Vlasenko, together with the employees of the educational and methodological department of the University. Employees of the specialized dean’s office, headed by Professor Tetyana Reva, also joined the organization of the exam.

The vast majority of students who are taking the professional matriculation exam today are already working in the country’s pharmacy institutions and well understand the importance of fundamental knowledge in professional activity. While preparing for the exam, they took an active part in online counseling for all basic subjects. Teachers of specialized departments in the process of education and during the preparation of students for the exam paid attention to practical skills, in particular, preparation of solutions, their qualitative and quantitative analysis, properties of dispersed systems. The questions of the Step 1 tests are aimed at the practical activities of doctors and pharmacists, they reflect knowledge of the main mechanisms of action of drugs, pharmacological effects and contraindications.

Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Pharmacy