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On September 9, a meeting of the management of the National Medical University named after O.O. Bogomolets and National Children’s Specialized Hospital “Okhmatdyt”. During the meeting, they inspected the modern clinical base of the Department of Children’s Surgery of NMU and discussed the Memorandum of Cooperation, which the parties will sign in the near future. The cooperation between the University and the “Okhmatdit” hospital enables our students to study and practice in the newest, top-equipped facility, under the guidance of experienced medical practitioners.

During the meeting, our University was represented by the Rector, Professor Yury Kuchyn, the Dean of the Medical Faculty No. 3 (Paediatrics), Professor Oksana Vygovska and the Head of the Department of Pediatric Surgery, Professor Anatoliy Levytskyi, the “Okhmatdyt” Hospital – General Director Volodymyr Zhovnir and Deputy Director for Economic Affairs Natalya Myruta

“Synergy is probably the way to characterize the results of cooperation between our University and the Ohmatdyt Hospital.” Perhaps the most important point of the Memorandum, which we will soon sign, is the prospect of creating a University Pediatric Clinic on the basis of NDSL and the Department of Children’s Surgery of NMU, which will make it possible to better ensure the educational process and more closely connect it with practice. We are very proud that our students have the opportunity to study at such a powerful clinical base,” noted Yuriy Kuchyn.

As part of the visit, the educational base of the Department of Pediatric Surgery was inspected. Such a clinical base in the most powerful medical institution of Ukraine is a unique opportunity for NMU students to acquire practical skills in the best conditions. These are two lecture halls, equipped in such a way that it is possible to observe operations online. There are a total of 14 premises in which operational intervention is taking place with the participation of department employees, professors Anatoliy Levytskyi and Iryna Benzar, associate professors Volodymyr Vityaz and Oleg Godik, with the possibility of online broadcasting to the specified audiences.

The real pride of the department of pediatric surgery is the simulation training center (STC), which is also attached to the department of anesthesia and intensive care. STC involves the active use of dummies and simulators to acquire practical skills in anesthesia and surgery. Students have the opportunity to improve such operations as laparoscopy, intubation, suturing, etc. At the same time, up to 16 student groups, or about 200 students, can study on the basis of the department.

The participants of the meeting unanimously noted the significant progress achieved by the department of pediatric surgery, representing the University, in cooperation with Okhmatdyt. Therefore, in the near future, the institutions will sign a Memorandum on joint activities. This document will make it possible to establish closer cooperation in the context of clinical training of future doctors and the possibility of creating a University Pediatric Clinic on the basis of this particular medical institution, which has been successfully treating the smallest Ukrainian patients for many years.

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