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Before World Diabetes Day, NMU conducted blood glucose screening

For the purpose of prevention and early detection of diabetes, the Faculty of Medicine No. 3, together with the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, conducted a blood glucose screening for everyone on November 14. The event took place in the hall of the morphological building of the National Medical University named after O.O. Bogomolets as part of the celebration of the World Diabetes Day.

Therefore, according to the latest data from the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), more than one in 10 adults worldwide has diabetes. The problem of diabetes is gaining relevance, as it is associated with insufficient awareness of the population about this disease, irrational nutrition, hypodynamia, excess weight and untimely seeking medical help, as a result of which late diagnosis leads to the development of diabetic complications.

Anyone who wanted to check their blood glucose level filled out a Google questionnaire before the study, where they answered questions for further analysis of the results.

Therefore, 110 students and teachers were screened for glucose. As a result of the study, an increase in the level of blood glucose was found in 14 studied samples. The increased level of glucose was from 5.8 to 8.2 mmol/l.

In addition, on this day, a meeting of the student scientific group of the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology was held, where students prepared reports on the biochemical mechanisms of the emergence and development of complications of diabetes.

Let’s preserve the health of the nation together!

Dean’s Office and Student Council of the Faculty of Medicine No. 3

and the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology