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Please note that in the electronic offices of those participants who passed the test, their results of the compiled NMT are not always displayed immediately. This is due to the fact that the test results are first processed by the Ukrainian Center for the Evaluation of the Quality of Education (UCEA).

After that, the data from the UTSOYAO database must be transferred to the Unified State Electronic Database on Education, because it is the information from the EDEBO that is displayed in the electronic offices of entrants. It takes time to establish results and transfer them between databases.

Specialists of both UTSOYAO and SE “Inforesurs” (technical administrator of EDEB) are doing everything possible to speed up this process. In general, he may take about a week from the date of completion by a specific participant of the NMT.

Please wait and don’t worry. The day of submission of the application does not in any way affect your competitive score or place in the ranking.

We remind you that the acceptance of applications based on the results of the NMT continues until 6 p.m. on August 23.

We inform applicants that work is underway to provide the opportunity for entrants of 2022, who enter based on the results of the 2019-2021 external examination, to submit the results of the external examination both in Ukrainian language and literature, and in the Ukrainian language – at the applicant’s choice.