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On September 20, at the National Medical University named after O.O. Bogomolets students of the fourth year of the Faculty of Pharmacy took the single state qualification exam Step-1 “Pharmacy” and the English language of professional direction. This important exam is a summation of knowledge in eight basic disciplines: analytical, organic, biological, physical and colloid chemistry, pharmacology, microbiology, pathophysiology and pharmaceutical botany.

Domestic and foreign students reported on the acquired knowledge. Representatives of the dean’s office led by the dean, professor Tetyana Reva and her deputy, associate professor Oksana Chhalo, came to support their students. Associate Professor Evelina Chumak represented the dean’s office of the Faculty of Training of Foreign Citizens.

Professor Reva noted that teachers of specialized departments made a lot of efforts to prepare students well for this test. During the year, especially on the eve of the exam, consultations were held in all disciplines in an online format. She expressed her belief that students should show a good level of knowledge, because they had the opportunity to master the test questions of EDKI Step-1 “Pharmacy” from previous years, get answers and explanations from teachers.

Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Pharmacy