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At the Faculty of Medicine No. 2, an intellectual game “What? Where? When?”

At the Medical Faculty No. 2 of the National Medical University named after O.O. Bogomolets held an intellectual game “What? Where? When?”. This format of student leisure time combines the pleasant with the useful – the process of socialization through team work and awareness of the need to develop general erudition.

The cultural and entertainment department of the medical faculty No. 2 periodically organizes various leisure formats for students. Recently, a real brainstorm took place – the intellectual game “What? Where? When?”. Such activities are not only an interesting form of leisure, they form a number of qualities necessary in future professional activities: the ability to think quickly and logically, analyze the situation, work effectively in a team, search and find the necessary information in the modern world.

In total, 5 teams took part in the game. The mental competition took place in 3 rounds, 5 questions each. According to the results of a tense game, in conditions of incredible competition, the team of experts “Who? As? Why?”. Certificates were awarded to the winners of the game. Therefore, students had the opportunity to apply their erudition skills and have a good time. We congratulate the winners, and wish the participants success, perseverance and inspiration!

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