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On the second day, the Admissions Committee (PC) of the O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University continues to accept the original documents of applicants who participated in the competition for contract positions in the specialties “Medicine”, “Pediatrics”, “Dentistry”, “Medical Psychology”. “Pharmacy, industrial pharmacy”, “Physical therapy, occupational therapy” (bachelor’s degrees) and were included in the lists recommended for admission. The original documents are submitted to PC both by graduates of schools, gymnasiums and specialized lyceums for enrollment in the 1st year, and those who have a certificate of graduation from a medical college – for the 2nd year.

According to Maksym Prystupyuk, responsible secretary of the Admissions Committee, the submission of original documents for contract positions is actively underway. On the first day, 290 originals were submitted, and today this figure is approaching 500.

Future dentists show particular activity. Iryna Lisnichuk from Uman in Cherkasy Oblast, having 180.2 NMT points, was fully qualified for a budget place in the specialty “Medicine”. However, the girl dreamed of becoming a dentist since childhood. And so, after consulting with her parents, she chose a contract option in her dream profession.

Maryana Yashchuk from Fastov in the Kyiv region decided to continue the family tradition: her grandmother, mother and older sister are caretakers. Therefore, the specialty “Pharmacy, industrial pharmacy” was chosen not by chance. Maryana plans to get involved in a joint family project after getting a degree.

Alyona Maksimenko, a resident of heroic Mykolaiv, did not hesitate to apply for one of the medical faculties. The girl has long had a goal in life – to become a dermatologist.

Yesterday, applicants, three representatives of Crimea, Donbass and temporarily occupied Kherson, took the interview exams in Ukrainian language, mathematics and biology. Two of them are online, and a girl from Donetsk answered ticket questions in one of the classrooms of the morphological building. All three passed the exams successfully.

The submission of applications for applicants who have other higher education or a bachelor’s degree in the specialty “Public Health”, “Management in the field of health care”, “Pharmacy, industrial pharmacy” (part-time form), “Physiotherapy, occupational therapy” is also ongoing. (magistracy). Applications of contract entrants will be accepted until September 15.

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